The 3 Churches of the Parish have a long history of giving generously to a variety of charities, local, national and international. We believe it is our Christian duty to help those in need or those who are suffering and we are seeking to make a difference both in our local area and to wider society.  However we also believe that to give to others in love, it is vital to discover and engage with their needs.  To do this we get to know the particular issues of need or social justice that the charities we donate to seek to challenge. In doing so we hope that the members of our congregations will not just be generous in their giving to charity, but will also grow in faith.  Support is focussed on four or five main charities which the churches have an ongoing relationship with, and  funds are raised throughout the year. In addition to appeals during the church seasons of Lent and Harvest, each year we support the following:

Each Church also gives generously on Remembrance Sunday and that collection is sent to the Royal British Legion. We also support the local charity Horsham Matters  as a collection point for food items for their foodbank, and a storage point for food parcels. Horsham Matters is a charity set up by the Churches of Horsham and provides assistance throughout Horsham District, they support several local familes.