The Little Fishes gathered this week to hear about Deborah. So we settled down under our imaginary palm tree and sang a couple of our favourite songs. Then we were ready for the story.


But we found that we needed two armies so the Little Fishes became the People of God and the grown ups became the Enemies. The Enemies were on the move and The People of God were not safe any more.

‘We need a leader,’ they said, ‘someone clever and brave. Who will help us?’

The People of God knew of someone clever and brave. It was Deborah.


She was a prophet who received messages from God and when she was working she sat under a Palm tree.

Deborah knew that God’s people were in trouble and God told her what to do. She sent for a soldier called Barak.


Deborah said, ‘God wants you to lead our other soldiers and get rid of our enemies.’

Barak thought about it. He knew how clever and brave Deborah was so he said, ‘I won’t go unless you come too!’

And Deborah said, ‘I will.’

Together they got ready to fight. The Enemies were coming! Deborah told Barak, ‘Remember God will be with us’. When the Enemies saw Deborah, Barak and the People of God they were so scared they turned and ran away! The People of God were safe once more.


The Little Fishes then gathered round the table to create their own palm tree.


Join the Little Fishes next Friday at 2pm for more songs, crafts, biscuits and a story about St Peter. All babies, toddlers, preschool children and their carers are very welcome.