Services for the Henfield churches over Holy Week and Easter have been published. BN5 Magazine produced a double page spread with the services from all of the churches in Henfield, Shermanbury and Woodmancote which we have ‘borrowed’ here:


Henfield Easter Services

Henfield Holy Week & Easter Services

The text section reads:

Have you seen any spring lambs in the fields yet? Woolly bundles of joy!

They are a regular part of our spring and Easter imagery – but not all of the connotations are so pleasant. In the Exodus from Egypt, each escaping Hebrew family sacrificed a lamb to represent their own salvation. The “sacrificial lamb” became a phrase that passed into their language, and ours.

As John the Baptist saw Jesus coming towards him, he said “behold the Lamb of God”.

He recognised in Jesus a similar role being played out on the eternal stage of salvation. Jesus’s work is still remembered in our church services, where the ancient Latin liturgical phrase Agnus Dei, Lamb of God, is still used in translation: Jesus, Lamb of God, Have mercy on us.

So when you see any lambs in the fields this year, remember too the cross on the hill; and the risen Jesus who’s work of salvation is now completed.

And – Happy Easter from the Henfield churches!


Thanks to Helen Boosey for the design.