The Key’s have arranged for Riding Light’s Theatre company to perform what will be a fantastic show for the whole family at St. Peter’s Church, Henfield  on Saturday 12th December at 2pm . Tickets cost £6 for adults and £4 for children and are on sale at Henfield Furnishings, High Street, Henfield or please contact the Church office on 01273 495532.




Bursting with seasonal stories for all the family
by Paul Birch

Things are not going well for world famous storyteller Ebeneezer Sneezer. She’s lost. There is snow in her wellies and her wise and faithful dog, Cracker, has some strange ideas about Christmas. Caught taking shelter in Mrs McGinty’s barn, she allows them to stay on condition that Ebeneezer warm-up her Christmas with some of her seasonal stories. If they bring her enough glad tidings there’s a hot supper on the cards. If not they will be thrown back out into the storm. With Mrs McGinty’s frozen heart in need of a magnificent miracle and Deadly the dastardly donkey ready to kick comfort and joy out of his stable, will Ebeneezer triumph? Despite turbulent turkeys and hysterical hay fights, she has a plan and some tremendous tales to turn things around. So pull open this delightful cracker packed with comedy, puppetry, and seasonal storytelling, as Riding Lights offers the whole family a magical glimpse into the heart of Christmas.