As we get to Shrove Tuesday (DO come and join us for pancakes at Henfield’s Corpus Christi hall on Tuesday at 5pm with Ecumenical style!), and Ash Wednesday, we enter Lent for this year.

If you are looking for some good resources for Lent, here are some (we have ‘borrowed’ some from David Keen – Lenternet and others):

Christian Aid has quite a slew of resources and ideas including Count your Blessings & their twitter stream, and TEAR Fund are supporting a Carbon Fast.

There’s also the Church of England’s most digital Lent course, Exploring God’s Mercy, with the Bishop of Sheffield and others.

The Nail - Stephen Cotterell

The Nail - Stephen Cotterell

Here at Henfield we are doing Frugal Lunches on Wednesdays. Soup & bread & a ‘thought’. We will be using Bishop Stephen Cotterell’s The Nail as our basis. Come and drop in any Wednesday lunchtime at St Peter’s Henfield.

Adrian Chatfield of the Simeon Centre has some useful ideas for individuals to try – especially if you use the internet a lot.

Have a blessed Lent!