The fourth Sunday of Advent. We have come so far on our journey that we can see Bethlehem in the distance. There are only a few more days until we can celebrate the mystery of Christmas.

But who can we travel with today?


The wise men…the kings….The Magi are on the way to Bethlehem. They will show us the way.


The Magi saw a wild star in the sky. They followed it to Bethlehem, bringing gifts for a newborn king: gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.


So stop…watch…pay attention…something incredible is going to happen in Bethlehem.

Join us at the 10.30am Celebrate!, our family friendly service, on Christmas morning for the final stage of our journey.

(With thanks to ‘Young Children and Worship’ by Sonja M Stewart and Jerome W Berryman on which our journey is based)