Today was the Third Sunday in Advent so at Celebrate! Xplore we reminded ourselves that this was the time of the colour purple…the colour of getting ready…the colour of saying sorry…the colour of waiting. We prepared ourselves just a little more to celebrate the mystery of Christmas as we travelled a slightly further along the road to Bethlehem.

But who will show us the way?


The shepherds, and their sheep, are on their way to Bethlehem. They can show us the way.

They have good news too. An angel came to them and said, ‘Do not be afraid. Be joyful. Peace on earth and good will to everyone. A Child is born. Go…Hurry…Run to Bethlehem. Something has happened there that changes everything.’

Our shepherd's crook crafted from brown paper

So stop…watch…pay attention…something incredible is going to happen in Bethlehem

Join us next Sunday, 15th December, at 10.30am for Celebrate!, our family friendly service, as we take our next steps on the journey to Bethlehem.

(With thanks to ‘Young Children and Worship’ by Sonja M Stewart and Jerome W Berryman on which our journey is based)