This evening we gathered to mark Maundy Thursday.

We shared an evening meal as we heard the story of Jesus’ last Passover, prayed and washed each other’s feet.

We heard how Jesus …said the words of the feast in a way the disciples had never heard before. How he took the bread…blessed it…and broke it…and gave it to them, saying…”Take. Eat. This is my body, broken for you.”…Then how Jesus took the cup…and said, “Drink this, all of you. This is my blood which is shed for you.”


After the meal, Jesus washed his friends’feet…so we did too.


Then the disciples sang a hymn and went out to a garden to pray…so we shared our prayers for people, places and situations that were on our hearts.


And we heard what happened next…

…People who didn’t like Jesus took him. They wouldn’t let him go. Later they nailed him to a cross to kill him…Jesus died. It was very sad…

But three days later God did an amazing thing. God made Jesus alive again.

So every time we eat this bread…and drink this cup…we remember that Jesus died, and that God made him alive again.

Join us at 10am on Good Friday for All Age Worship and then on Easter Day at 10.30am when we will celebrate the Resurrection and admit three of our children to Holy Communion. Everyone is welcome to worship with us.

(With thanks to ‘Flame: Children’s Creative Ministry for the play dough mats)