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BENJAMIN BRITTEN – a centenary celebration

‘The Keys’ proudly presents ‘BENJAMIN BRITTEN – a centenary celebration’
To include a programme of music by Benjamin Britten, his teachers and his contemporaries
at 7.30pm on Friday, 22nd November at St Peter’s Church, Henfield.
featuring Helen Miles, soprano; Sidonie Winter, mezzo-soprano and Lesley Anne Sammons on the piano.
Tickets £10 (£8 concessions) available from Henfield Furnishings and on the door.

Henfield Nativity Festival 2013


Guidelines on entering the festival

Making your scene:
We’d love everyone to make their own version of the traditional nativity scene. If you’re not sure of the story there are some pointers below.
Do use your imagination and make it individual, if you’re part of a group could you include a link to that somehow? For example, if you’re in the Brownies, figures could be in uniform, or if you’re in a gardening club, you could use greenery and cut flowers in your scene.


What to use:
Anything, except valuables! Junk model, craft, baked, greenery, whatever you like!

Ideally the scenes need to fit onto a window sill in the church which are around 14” deep so not too big please. If you have a burning desire to make a bigger scene please let us know first so we can make sure we can accommodate it within the space.


Please bring your finished scenes to the church on Saturday 7th December when we’ll be launching the festival between 10.30am – 4pm. Drop off your scene but you can also enjoy refreshments, cake and there will be crafts and games for the kids too.

The scenes need to stay in the church until 5th January when we will be closing the festival with a celebration of the arrival of the 3 Wise Men. Watch this space for further details of what time we’ll be doing this!


The Bible according to the Little Fishes

The Little Fishes gathered again this afternoon to share another installment in the story of Moses. They love a desert story – the sand is just so tempting!

Should the People of God go left or go right?

Should the People of God go left or go right?

Last week the People of God were eating manna from heaven. This week they found themselves in the desert unsure of which way to go. Moses had a talk with God and then Moses led the People towards God’s holy mountain but it was a bit scary with all that fire and smoke. (We had to use our imaginations here) But Moses wasn’t scared. He climbed to the top of the mountain and had another talk with God.


The Little Fishes then learned that when Moses came back down from the holy mountain he brought with him the Ten Best Ways – 4 rules to help us love God and 6 ways to help us love other people.


Then it was time to play! First we tried a parachute game to try and help us understand about rules and to praise God. This was a bit tricky so we got the toys out.


Little Fishes is our ‘mums and tots’ group which meets every Friday in church from 2pm. There is no charge and all babies, toddlers and pre-school children are very welcome to come along with their carers.

What story about Moses will we share next week? Why not join us next Friday to find out?

ALL SOULS SERVICE at St. Peter’s, Henfield


All Souls Day and All Saints Day together provide the Church with an opportunity to remember the all faithful departed of the Christian family, and in particular our own loved ones whom we see no longer. The All Souls service at St. Peter’s was a peaceful and poignant time of remembrance, in which many of those present laid candles out on a wooden cross as a symbol of the enduring hope and comfort we share in Christ.


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