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Come and worship the newborn King

A warm welcome awaits everyone at all of our three churches this Christmas.

Christmas Eve
4pm Crib service at St Peter’s Church, Henfield
all children are welcome to come dressed as shepherds, kings, angels or barn animals and join in with us.

10pm Christmas Communion at St Peter’s Church, Woodmancote
11pm. Midnight Communion at St Peter’s Church, Henfield
11.30pm. Midnight Communion at St Giles’ Church, Shermanbury – CANCELLED DUE TO FLOODING

Christmas Day
9am. Parish Communion at St Peter’s Church, Henfield
9.45am. Holy Communion at St Peter’s Church, Woodmancote
10.30am. Celebrate! Communion (our family friendly service) at St Peter’s Church, Henfield
11.15am. Holy Communion at St Giles’ Church, Shermanbury

Merry Christmas!

Journeying to Bethlehem

The fourth Sunday of Advent. We have come so far on our journey that we can see Bethlehem in the distance. There are only a few more days until we can celebrate the mystery of Christmas.

But who can we travel with today?


The wise men…the kings….The Magi are on the way to Bethlehem. They will show us the way.


The Magi saw a wild star in the sky. They followed it to Bethlehem, bringing gifts for a newborn king: gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.


So stop…watch…pay attention…something incredible is going to happen in Bethlehem.

Join us at the 10.30am Celebrate!, our family friendly service, on Christmas morning for the final stage of our journey.

(With thanks to ‘Young Children and Worship’ by Sonja M Stewart and Jerome W Berryman on which our journey is based)

Christmas Carols

There are two opportunities to sing Christmas carols in the Benefice on Sunday, 22nd December. Firstly, in the morning at St Peter’s Church, Woodmancote at 11am and then in the evening at St Peter’s Church, Henfield at 6.30pm. Everyone is very welcome.

The Bible according to the Little Fishes

The Little Fishes gathered for their last get together before Christmas. They were soooo excited. Apparently, Father Christmas will be bringing them some presents in just a few sleeps.

But why do we get presents at Christmas? The Little Fishes struggled with this answer. They just knew they were going to get some so we got a jigsaw puzzle out to help us find the answer.


Eventually we found all the right pieces and made a picture of the Christmas stable.


But someone was missing!


One of the Little Fishes found the Baby Jesus and we learned that he was God’s gift to us and that he came to earth to be our friend and Saviour…and that is why we have presents at Christmas.

Another Little Fish spotted the three kings carrying their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Another reason for presents at Christmas. There was only one thing for it but to get the jingle bells out and sing.

Colouring, party food and play followed.


The Little Fishes would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas.

We are going to take our Christmas break now and our next meeting will be on 10th January when all babies, toddlers and pre-school children are very welcome to come along with their carers at 2pm in St Peter’s church.

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