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ALL SOULS SERVICE at St. Peter’s, Henfield


All Souls Day and All Saints Day together provide the Church with an opportunity to remember the all faithful departed of the Christian family, and in particular our own loved ones whom we see no longer. The All Souls service at St. Peter’s was a peaceful and poignant time of remembrance, in which many of those present laid candles out on a wooden cross as a symbol of the enduring hope and comfort we share in Christ.


Who Are We? View our Benefice Profile

St. Peter's, HenfieldWhen parish churches are looking for a new “Incumbent” (i.e. Vicar or Rector), one of the first steps they undertake is to compose a carefully researched profile covering all aspects of their history, life and ministry.

This profile serves two purposes: it helps the churches themselves to reflect on their needs, and it provides invaluable information to prospective candidates as well as the Bishops and their advisers.

As we in Henfield, Shermanbury and Woodmancote continue our search for a successor to Revd. Alastair (now the Venerable Archdeacon of Lewisham and Greenwich), we have pleasure in making our Benefice Profile freely available.

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Alpha at St. Peter’s, Henfield

Our new Alpha Course begins with a welcome meal at 7.15 p.m. on Tuesday, 10th September.

For more details, please ring St. Peter’s Church Office on 01273 495532, or email

What is Alpha all about? See below for a personal viewpoint.

Alpha - click to go to the national Alpha site

You’ve probably already heard of the Alpha Course. Not so long ago, doing Alpha was a fashionable rite of passage for those trying to make sense of our changing world. Captains of industry and celebrities signed up in droves, alongside tens of thousands of others from all walks of life. Some of them found it a life-changing experience. There was even a reality TV show about it.

Alpha is still going strong, still enriching lives, still helping people resolve their questions about God and faith and life. A course will be running at St. Peter’s Church, Henfield over several Tuesday evenings commencing on 10th September. It’s a chance to learn – and above all to experience – what Christianity is about in a friendly, enjoyable setting.

I attended last year’s course and really enjoyed it. I wish something like that could have been available at an earlier point in my life. I dithered on the fringes of Christian life for years before finally taking the plunge. An event like Alpha would have done so much to clear up my confusion and doubts, and to make me feel part of the community.

What can you expect at an Alpha evening? A relaxed social setting, an informal meal, a brief talk, a time of discussion. A time to laugh, to think, to make new friends. No one will follow you up afterwards (unless you invite them to). And if you’re already a regular churchgoer, why not come along and bring a friend?

If you are interested, please ring St. Peter’s Church Office on 01273 495532.

John Bailey


 The Keys present “Frankenstein”

at St. Peter’s Church, Henfield

Thursday, 19th September, 7 p.m.

Tickets on sale at Henfield Furnishings.


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