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The Bible according to the Little Fishes

The Little Fishes returned this week after their winter break. Could they squeeze another story out of Christmas? Of course they could!


As the Little Fishes gathered we remembered how long it took Christmas to arrive; how long it took Father Christmas to arrive on Christmas Eve and then how long some of us had to wait on Christmas morning before we were allowed to open our presents. One Little Fishy told us how they didn’t wait quite so long as the rest after they escaped from their beds in the middle of the night and had to be rounded up by a not-very-happy mummy!

We were feeling in a party mood by this time so we played a game of pass-the-parcel.


Rev’d Peter was in charge of the music and he made us wait so long before we could remove each layer of paper.


Eventually we got to the end and the prize was Baby Jesus! We had waited such a long time!


We shared the story of Simeon and Anna waiting and waiting at the temple to meet the Christ. And how they knew it was the Baby Jesus when Mary and Joseph brought him to the temple in Jerusalem to be presented to God.

And what do you need to do once you have received your presents? You have to say thank you. So that is what we did – a thank you letter to God.


Little Fishes is our ‘mums and tots’ group which meets every Friday in church from 2pm. There is no charge and all babies, toddlers and pre-school children are very welcome to come along with their carers.


Since Alastair Cutting’s departure at the end of March 2013, St Peter’s Church, Henfield has been without a vicar. There are a number of reasons why it is taking so long to find a replacement, (nearly?) all of which have been beyond our control and many local people have felt frustrated about this delay.

But, finally, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. An advertisement has recently appeared in the Church Times and interviews for those who apply for this position will be held in early February. We have high hopes that an announcement about the appointment of a new vicar will be made in the next few weeks. Although the successful applicant will probably not take up this post for about three months, we should at least know that the search for Alastair’s replacement has been completed.

10 January 2014

Journeying to Bethlehem

Finally, we reached the end of our journey.

Stop…watch…pay attention…something incredible has happened in Bethlehem.

Christmas Day…the day we celebrate the mystery of God becoming a person. The day we gathered with the prophets, Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and the Magi to worship the Christ Child…

…Immanuel…the special Son of God.


We met the newborn Christ Child, lying in a manger bed…Christ the Light…a light for the whole world. The light that shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

Everyone is welcome to join us at 10.30am for ‘Celebrate!’, our family friendly service.

(With thanks to ‘Young Children and Worship’ by Sonja M Stewart and Jerome W Berryman on which our journey is based)

Come and worship the newborn King

A warm welcome awaits everyone at all of our three churches this Christmas.

Christmas Eve
4pm Crib service at St Peter’s Church, Henfield
all children are welcome to come dressed as shepherds, kings, angels or barn animals and join in with us.

10pm Christmas Communion at St Peter’s Church, Woodmancote
11pm. Midnight Communion at St Peter’s Church, Henfield
11.30pm. Midnight Communion at St Giles’ Church, Shermanbury – CANCELLED DUE TO FLOODING

Christmas Day
9am. Parish Communion at St Peter’s Church, Henfield
9.45am. Holy Communion at St Peter’s Church, Woodmancote
10.30am. Celebrate! Communion (our family friendly service) at St Peter’s Church, Henfield
11.15am. Holy Communion at St Giles’ Church, Shermanbury

Merry Christmas!

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